Typical applications

Our products are used in many different fields. They protect your goods, they give them the necessary stability and they often are hidden, where you don’t even expect them…
Let yourself be convinced of this diversity.

Pallet interleaves
Trust in the stability and flexibility of our own brand FlexoDur®

The extra low density of the FlexoDur®board will help you to exploit cost-cutting potentials. You will get more board out of the same amount of money.
As cover on the pallet our board will protect against moisture, against pressure marks left by nails or against dirt. They also avoid that your high-quality products slip out of place.
On top of the products pallet coverings protect your goods from negative climatic effects and they make it possible that you stack your pallets.
Whether slip-proof, water-repellent, dyed or with rounded or chamfered corners – we will find the right solution for your product, too.

Packaging Material
A strong stability, bendability and interlaminar strength – these are options of our solid boards, which we produce for the packaging sector.
No matter if it is used for the manufacturing of solid cardboard boxes or for punched constructive interlayers, as lining material for lattice box pallets or as protective covers for damageable goods – our products can be adjusted to your demand.

Graphic boards
The products for the graphic field are intended for further processing to file folders, clipboards, displays or for book covers.
They have special surface-finish requirements – talk to us, we are sure to find an adequate solution for your needs.

Further applications
High quality, rigid cardboards are even hidden where you don’t expect them… We would be pleased to meet your challenge by manufacturing a customised product for you which will improve your production process.
Boards provide seals for screw caps and they give seating furniture the right form… How can we support you?